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E-Bike: Self-Guided Tours

E-Bike: Self-Guided Tours

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These electric mountain bike tours give you the opportunity to explore every nook and cranny of the volcanic area of Sete Cidades, all while having a lot of fun and keeping our environment clean. Discover impressive spots and wonderful panoramic views where most other vehicles cannot take you! With the freedom these self-guided E-Bike cycling tours offer, travel at your own pace and breathe the fresh air in the wonderful outdoors, passing through dirt roads, trails and parks with typical flora, fauna and geology of this region. Cycle through the quaint village and witness the local culture and traditions of this rural lifestyle. With different Itineraries to choose from, you’ll surely enjoy your ride through this emblematic location.

– ITINERARY 1: Inside Caldeira of Sete Cidades – Enjoy a nature and cultural tour with an easy bike ride along the banks of the unique Lagoa Azul (“Blue Lagoon“) and Lagoa Verde (“Green Lagoon“), stopping at various points of interest while cycling through dirt trails, parks and the quaint village of Sete Cidades.

– ITINERARY 2: Caldeira of Sete Cidades & Cumeeira Pequena – Take a better look at the best Sete Cidades has to offer! Cycle along the banks of Lagoa Azul and Lagoa Verde (“Blue Lagoon and Green Lagoon“), visit the viewpoints of Lagoa do Santiago (“Lagoon of Santiago“), Lagoa Rasa (“Shallow Lagoon“) and Vista do Rei (“Kings’ View Viewpoint“) and take a thrilling bike ride around Cumeeira Pequena (“Small Summit Rim“).

– ITINERARY 3: Caldeira of Sete Cidades & Lagoa do Canário & Cumeeira Grande – An adventurous bike ride requiring an adequate level of fitness, cycling around Cumeeira Grande (“Big Summit Rim“) of Sete Cidades, passing by various viewpoints and points of interest along the way that are well worth breaking a sweat over.

– ITINERARY 4: Lagoa do Canário / Cumeeira Grande & Vista do Rei / Cumeeira Pequena – This is our most adventurous tour, visiting all the main highlights of Sete Cidades while taking you up steep inclines, covering hard terrain and ending with a downhill track, making it the ideal tour for experienced cyclists with a taste for adrenaline.

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Comfortable clothes and shoes (Note: Trails may be muddy – light wind and waterproof clothing is recommended);
Individual water bottle;
Sunglasses and sunscreen;
Small backpack (to carry your personal belongings).
Proof of Identification (ID or Passport)

Cycling Helmets and Gloves;
GPS with respective recorded path;
Map with descriptions and explanations of the route;
First Aid Kit and emergency contacts;
Basic Repair Kit;
Personal Accident Insurance;
Bicycle Lock Cable;
Reflective Vest.