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Hiking | Ribeira Funda & Tea…

Hiking | Ribeira Funda & Tea Plantation

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> €60

This tour will provide you with an incredible experience along the north coast of the island of São Miguel, beginning in the Ribeira Funda area and passing through several ruins of old mills, the emblematic Praia da Viola beach, stupendous staircases and several informative and photographic plates about the people and old customs of the region, until ending in the friendly parish of Maia, more specifically in the Fishing Port of Praia do Calhau D’Areia beach, whose crystal waters you will have the opportunity to try. Join us on this journey through the 80’s with lots of fun and adventure, as well as unforgettable landscapes along the way!

The trail will start at Ribeira Funda (belonging to the parish of Fenais da Ajuda), where you will be constantly in direct contact with incredible coastal landscapes and the typical nature and vegetation of the island of São Miguel.

This specific tour is full of history and memories transcribed in photographic and informational panels that remind us of our ancestors and their customs, as well as multiple ruins of ancient watermills and small but impressive waterfalls.

On the way, we will cross the remote Praia da Viola beach, which wiill easily restore your energy levels even if you just stop for a while to rest and enjoy the soothing sounds that surround you.

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  • > 60€


Comfortable clothes and shoes: we recommend carrying a light waterproof jacket and wearing hiking boots or walking shoes.
Individual water bottle.
Small backpack: to carry your personal belongings and the lunch we provide.
Bathing suit and a Beach towel: we recommend bringing a plastic bag for carrying your wet belongings after swimming.
Sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat.
Medication: Any personal medication that you may need for the duration of the tour (eg: inhaler for asthma, sugar packets for diabetics, anti-inflammatory gel etc.)
Knee/ankle Support : For anyone who suffers from certain area joint problems, we recommend wearing an elastic support for better stability and to prevent any further injury.

Accredited guides.
Picnic Lunch.
Pick-up and Drop-off from / to your place of accommodation.
Trekking poles.
Snorkeling Masks.


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