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E-Bike | Sete Cidades (HD)

E-Bike | Sete Cidades (HD)

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Take a deeper look at the best Sete Cidades has to offer with this E-bike tour! Cycle along the emblematic Lagoa Azul (“Blue Lagoon”) and Lagoa Verde (“Green Lagoon“), visit the viewpoints of Lagoa de Santiago (“Lagoon of Santiago), Lagoa Rasa (“Shallow Lagoon”), Vista do Rei (“King’s View“), and take a thrilling bike ride around Cumeeira Pequena (“Small Summit Rim“). Breathe in the fresh air of this wonderful place, while passing through dirt roads, trails and parks with typical flora, fauna and geology of this region. Get to know this quaint village and witness first hand, its’ culture and traditions!

At the starting point, we will spend around 15 minutes to give you a quick safety briefing, a demonstration on how to use your e-bike and all its’ functions and hand out your equipment. Once you are all set up, we are ready to go on this adventure and have lots of fun together!

To start, we’ll head over the bridge dividing the Blue and the Green lakes, and enjoy the lakeside view going to the Peninsula and the peaceful picnic area of Baía do Silencio (“Bay of Silence“).

Heading back to the bridge along easy dirt tracks, get ready for a long and steep ascent on the main road, along which you can stop at the viewpoints of Lagoa de Santiago (“Santiago Lagoon“) and Cerrado das Freiras (“Nuns Haven”).

Continuing onwards and upwards, till finally reaching the Viewpoint of Vista do Rei (“Kings’ View“) for a magnificent view of the Blue and Green Lakes below. Then, a more adventurous trail lies ahead taking you along Cumeeira Pequena (“Small Summit Rim“) on a graveled road.

Passing Lomba do Vasco Viewpoint we’ll finish the tour going down through the heart of the village of Sete Cidades, passing by the Parish Church of São Nicolau, leading us back to the start point.

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Comfortable clothes and shoes (NOTE: The trail may be wet and muddy, so we recommend bringing a waterproof jacket);
Individual water bottle;
Sunglasses and sunscreen;
Small backpack (to carry your personal belongings).

Accredited guides;
Cycling Helmets and Gloves;
First Aid Kit;
Basic Repair Kit;
Personal Accident Insurance;
Bicycle Lock Cable;
Reflective Vest;
Photos and Videos;
Pick-up and Drop-off, if the respective option is chosen.


Small Group